July 27, 2022

A Comprehensive Home Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Air conditioner buying guide

Choosing a new air conditioning system is a big decision and a serious long-term investment. You need something that can stand up to the intense Nevada heat and run optimally for years to come.

Many of our customers now insist on green, too, so we’ll cover a range of ecological A/C systems.

This air conditioner buying guide is built off years of experience carrying out A/C installation and maintenance in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise and Spring Valley.

Types of Air Conditioners

It’s essential to pick the right air conditioner for your home. After all, the best A/C system for your neighbors may not be a good choice for your home. And there’s a lot to take into consideration.

It’s vital to choose the right size system for your home so that it’s perfectly energy efficient. Don’t worry. An ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing specialist can come to your home and measure this for you.

Here’s a rundown of the main types of air conditioning you need to know about, with the most powerful first.

Central Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Central A/C is the most popular system to buy because it can cool the largest of spaces.

How does it work? The air flows through two types of ducts, supply ducts and return ducts.

The supply ducts bring cool air from the system into your home. They’re usually installed on walls and flooring. When the air warms up in your home it flows back into the return ducts. The warm air returns to the central A/C unit to be cooled down again.

Hybrid Air Conditioners: A Great Long Term Investment

A hybrid air conditioning system is a similar concept to a hybrid car. It can change power sources from gas to electric depending on which one’s best.

The heat pump cools or heats when it needs to. In winter, it draws sun-warmed air inside your home. Whereas in summer it brings cool outside air into your home when it can.

Hybrid air conditioning systems cost more upfront but here’s what’s exciting long-term. They can lower your bills by up to 50%. Imagine halving your bills from now on.

Another reason people choose hybrid A/C, of course, is because it’s great for the planet. You get the convenience of a powerful system balanced with a long-term low carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Geothermal Air Conditioner

Geothermal air conditioning systems actually release the heat into the ground or nearby water. This means you don’t get a heat island around where you live when it’s already hot.

It’s more expensive upfront but the money you’ll save on bills is extraordinary and you benefit the environment long-term. Geothermal A/C doesn’t use any fossil fuels and the system lasts over fifty years.

Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Need to cool one room, or a small apartment? These simple devices are efficient at cooling small spaces. They blow cool, comfortable air inside the room while the warm air is vented outside.

Portable Air Conditioners For Smaller Spaces

Super convenient and low-cost, a portable A/C system is good at cooling small spaces. They suck in air from the room, cool it and blow it back out. The exhaust hose moves the warm air you don’t want outside.

Wondering whether you can install an air conditioner yourself? Check out our blog.


A/C Standard Sizes and Costs

What Size A/C System Do I Need?

One size does not fit all. Before the ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing team installs an air conditioning system, we take all this into consideration.

  • The size of the area you need to be cooled.

  • Whether there’s direct sunlight.

  • How many windows there are.

  • The construction materials of your home.

  • Nearby appliances that get hot.

  • The Las Vegas climate.

Unit Costs Of Different A/C Systems

As you can imagine, with such a variety in the range of systems, the prices are very different too. Here’s an overview of what you’re looking at for each type of system.

Central Air Conditioner

$1200 – $4500

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

$1000 – $5500

Geothermal Air Conditioner

$3000 – $6000

Hybrid Air Conditioner

$2800 – $5500

Window Air Conditioner

$150 and $750

Installation Costs According To The Type Of Air Conditioning System

A window air conditioning unit can often be installed by a tech-savvy homeowner. So it’s a budget option for a small space with no installation costs.


Ductless mini-split air conditioner, as shown above: $500 – $2000.


Central air conditioner: $1200 – 2200.

Hybrid air conditioner: $1300 – $2500.


Geothermal air conditioner: $10,000 – 30,000. The installation is more expensive because it needs to go right into the ground.

Enjoying our home air conditioner buying guide? Read more about how to save money on air conditioning in the summer on our blog.

Types of Warranties Offered

The best thing to do is check your individual warranty carefully. However, this is a central air conditioner buying guide based on typical warranties according to the big brands.


10 years for the parts on Comfort, Infinity and Performance systems.


A simple 10 year warranty.


1-20 year warranty covering internal components plus the compressor and outdoor coil.


10 year warranty for parts and an impressive lifetime warranty on their Affinity range of compressors.

It’s vital to get your A/C serviced by a licensed team like ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing to keep that warranty valid. We carry out quality air conditioning maintenance every day all over Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise and Spring Valley.

The Most Popular Brands on the Market

If you’re looking for a great home air conditioner, these four well-established brands are worth investigating. All except Trane maintain an impressive BBB rating of A+.


Carrier boasts a wide range of air conditioning systems to suit your needs. Its products carry a premium price tag which many homeowners see as an investment.


A good choice if you’re mindful of your budget and energy efficiently. You can also choose high-tech options that allow you to monitor the system via your cell phone.


With a Trane A/C system you can rely on top performance even in a Las Vegas heat wave. Their systems are easy to use, although they do come with a higher price.


If you really care about the environment, check out York. 10 of its A/C systems are Energy Star rated so you’ll be protecting the planet.

York offers systems that are high-tech with touch-screen thermostats so you can adapt everything to exactly how you want it.

What Are A/C Refrigerants?

Refrigerants are chemicals that absorb the heat you don’t want in your home. They do this as they change state between liquid and gas. Refrigerants are also called hydrofluorocarbons (HFC).

Does Your Old System Still Run On This Discontinued A/C Refrigerant?

In the world of A/C refrigerants, R22 was the most famous until recently. R22 used to be commonly used in home air conditioning systems until 2010 when it was discontinued because it depletes the ozone layer.

If you still have an older system it may still run on R22, but this central air conditioner buying guide will show you a better way into the future.

The Global Warming Potential Scale

This useful scale shows how much a gas, including your A/C refrigerant, will contribute to global warming. It’s sometimes called the GWP for short.

Basically if you want to make a green choice, the lower the Global Warming Potential number the better.

Modern Environmentally Friendly A/C Refrigerants To Choose From

There are 3 main A/C refrigerants you should know about, that don’t deplete the ozone layer.


Global Warming Potential: 1430, making it the greenest of the bunch.


Global Warming Potential: 1774 which is mid-range.

R-407C is similar in performance to the discontinued R22 but without the environmental damage. R-407C is also called Suva or Genetron.


Global Warming Potential: 2088 making it the highest of the three, although it still doesn’t harm the ozone layer.

R-410A is also called Genetron AZ-20, Puron, or Suva 9100.

Call ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing To Recommend The Best A/C System For Your Las Vegas Home

We hope you found this air conditioner buying guide useful. Choosing a new home air conditioner is a big decision, so we’ll be happy to guide you through your options in person.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team at (702) 820-2184 for air conditioning installation in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise and Spring Valley.

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