August 29, 2022

Benefits Of Choosing An Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System

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How do I choose the most energy efficient air conditioner? What is the most eco-friendly way to cool your home? ICE Heating & Cooling are the leading providers of A/C services. We answer your questions on eco friendly A/C and more.

Does A/C Ruin The Environment?

Yes, traditional air conditioners do. In fact, they are one of the worst culprits.

It’s mostly due to the refrigerant they use. The good news is that as of 2020, the old, highly polluting Freon refrigerant is banned from being manufactured or imported.

Does A/C ruin the environment because it uses so much power? Yes, partly. However we can mitigate this by using greener power sources and using other ways to keep cool.

The Advantages Of Eco Friendly Air Conditioners

When you get energy efficient air conditioners most people think of the huge cost savings and being kind to the planet. However there are even more advantages than that.

  • They’re totally customizable to your space.

  • Programmable thermostats mean you can control them from outside the home.

  • These new systems are quieter than old fashioned ones.

  • You don’t waste energy and money cooling rooms you don’t use.

As you can see, there are so many advantages of eco-friendly air conditioners and the technology is only improving over time.

How Do I Choose The Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioner?

Just ask the ICE team and we will be happy to advise on the best A/C installation for your home. From whole home systems to energy saving window air conditioners, we have a wealth of knowledge about staying cool in hot weather.

So if you want to know which A/C is eco-friendly, use these pointers.

#1. Ratings

Choose a device with a high EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) and a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rating. Pay special attention to Energy Star products, which are the most ecological of them all.

#2. Expert Installation

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Make sure ICE Heating & Cooling installs your AC system because we will calculate the precise system size for your home. Too big and you’d waste energy, too small and it wouldn’t cool you properly, while wearing itself out.

#3. Energy Saving Mode

Does your new unit have an energy saving function? It’s well worth getting so the compressor and fan stop when they aren’t needed.

What Is The Most Eco-Friendly Way To Cool Your Home?

Use fans more. OK, OK. If you’re suffering a heatwave we know just using fans isn’t going to cut it. But when you use fans in addition to the A/C, you can use much less power.

Think also about how your home can naturally keep cool. Install blinds and awnings, plant trees and keep your attic well insulated.

Need Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Installation? Ask ICE Heating & Cooling About Energy Efficient Air Conditioners.

Our friendly AC Installation and Maintenance technicians will be happy to discuss the advantages of eco friendly air conditioners in your home, and the best system for you. We will also be available for you if you are in a need of AC repair in any time! Give us a call at (702) 820-2184 or send us an email.

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