November 10, 2022

10 Useful Tips For Your Home’s Plumbing System In Winter

tips for home plumbing in winter

Want to make sure you don’t run into any plumbing surprises this winter? When drains or pipes have to adapt to consistently colder weather, it places extra stress on them. We’ll show you just how to take the best care of your pipes in winter to make sure they serve you properly until spring.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Plumbing? 

Particularly following such high temperatures the rest of the year, the drastic drop on colder Vegas nights can stress your pipes, making them more likely to leak. In winter your water heater also has to work harder than usual and any small leaks in the system mean it can’t work as efficiently.

How Do I Prepare My Plumbing For Winter? 

Insulation is a low-cost and effective solution against the chilly winter. Our expert plumbers will pay particular attention to insulating pipes that are outdoors, or in cooler areas of your home.

We can also inspect your pipes and drains and recommend the best course of action based on your home.

Below are our top 10 winter plumbing tips for a stress-free winter. 

Have Your Water Heater Inspected

Just before the weather gets cold is the ideal time to call ICE Heating Cooling and Plumbing for a thorough water heater maintenance. We’ll check it and flush it as part of our standard plumbing in winter service. 

What’s the benefit of flushing a water heater?

The sediment that builds up over the course of the year makes it harder for your water heater to do its job well. It creates a barrier between the water you want to heat and the heating element itself. 

Read about our water heater services on our website.

Get Any Small Leaks Fixed Right Now

Fixing tiny leaks rarely makes it to the top of any homeowner’s to-do list, but it should form part of your basic winter plumbing checklist.

If pipes in winter get so cold that they don’t seal properly, those small leaks can develop into something much bigger and really damage your home. It’s better to get minor leaks fixed right now while it’s still easy.

Going On Vacation? Shut Off The Water First

Here’s an easy winter plumbing tip.

Turning off the water at the main shut off valve is a quick way to ensure against damage while you’re away. Pipes won’t have water flowing, so even if they did crack, there wouldn’t be much damage while you are out of town.

Have Us Insulate Those Pipes

Insulation is low-cost and effective at preventing your pipes from rupturing in winter. You’ll notice the difference in lower utility bills when you have well-insulated pipes, too.

Make Sure Everyone Knows Where The Main Water Valve Is

OK, so you probably know where the main water valve is if you’re reading this. But does your partner? How about the kids if they’re old enough? If you’re out and there’s a leak, everyone should know how to deal with it right away so they are equipped to at least minimize any potential water damage. 

Insulate Your Garage Door

A lot of people have pipes running through the garage. However, this is often the coldest part of your home. Pipes here are at a particular risk of being affected by the cold for that reason. A well insulated garage door can really help keep the chill off your pipes here and also provide a slightly warmer environment for anything else stored there.

Leave A Trickle Running All Night

When we get a super cold winter here, think about leaving lukewarm water trickling very gently all night. When there is a warm, constant flow, the pipes are less likely to experience such stress from the cold.

This seems like an unusual winter plumbing tip because no one wants higher bills. However, you’ll end up paying much less than you would for the repairs if a pipe were to begin leaking and caused significant water damage.

Keep Your Home Warm For Your Pipes Too

Where are your pipes? We’ll bet that some of them will be in colder areas of your home such as under the sink. If it’s particularly cold outside, consider opening the cabinet doors to where they are located. This helps the flow of warm air.

Ask Us To Take A Good Look At Your Pipes And Drains Going Into Winter

What does a stressed pipe look like? Bulges are a clue that that section of piping has already been weakened in the past and may be about to leak. Pipes do have a certain amount of give, but an actual bulge indicates that the next time it could crack entirely.

ICE Heating Cooling and Plumbing can make sure your drains go into the cold weather clean and free from partial blockages. If drains have fat, hair, sediment, or other debris, they are more prone to clogging when it gets chilly.

Call ICE Heating Cooling and Plumbing For Winter Plumbing Maintenance

Relax and enjoy the festive season with perfectly functioning pipes in winter. You can rely on ICE Heating Cooling and Plumbing for all your winter plumbing needs.

Read more about our plumbing maintenance services on our website

Our experienced plumbers will be delighted to hear from you at (702) 820-2184 or you can send us a message.

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