February 24, 2022

Saving On Bills By Energy Efficiency Ratings

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Everyone wants to save money on energy bills and protect the environment. But most people don’t understand energy efficiency ratings when comparing products. If you buy a cheap A/C unit or water heater for example, you might pay for it later on in higher bills.

So when you buy new appliances it’s vital to understand energy efficiency ratings. Replacement of HVAC equipment, properly maintaining air conditioning, heating, water heater or furnace is serious business. Make a smart decision now and you’ll save money on bills for years to come.

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Here’s What To Look For When Choosing Appliances

There are two main energy efficiency ratings in the US. Different products may display one or the other so you need to know what both of them mean.

One is CEE and the other is Energy Star. A rating from either of these organizations is a sign the product is built to last. And both organizations are independent so you can trust them to be objective.

CEE Energy Rating

The CEE is the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. The non-profit body provides a rating for appliances that run on electricity or gas. So on the CEE scale, what’s a good energy efficiency rating?

The best rating is the CEE advanced tier. And below this are the number rankings, from 1-4. On the CEE scale, Tier 4 is extremely efficient. An appliance rated CEE tier 1 is still fairly efficient, however, sitting in the top quarter of energy efficient products.

Energy Star Rating

Energy Star is a rating given by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

If you want to save money on energy efficient products, this rating is a great help. Appliances displaying the Energy Star are up to 20% more efficient than their competitors. And not just that, the Energy Star rating is only given to products that perform well, too.

So with Energy Star, how do you interpret energy efficiency ratings? It’s easy. Their “most efficient” rating is… you guessed it, the best one.

You can check Energy Star’s most efficient products for a particular year, too. So right now, look for the label showing Energy Star Most Efficient 2022.

Our Advice

Both CEE and Energy Star ratings are great ways to see how an appliance will perform and save you money long term.

What we advise is to plan your budget over the lifetime of the appliance. And we’ll help you weigh up the cost of the appliance versus the money you’ll save.

Interested in tips for an energy efficient home? Check out our blog for An Energy Efficient Home.

We Install Appliances With The Best Energy Efficiency Ratings To Save You Money

What do you need to get installed or replaced? Is it an HVAC unit, AC, a heater or water heater, or a furnace? Quality installations and expert advice mean ICE Heating & Cooling customers can save up to 65% on energy bills. That’s a huge saving!

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