August 5, 2022

All You Need To Know About Furnace Installation

Furnace installation

Do you need a new furnace at your home in Las Vegas? ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing is one of the most experienced furnace installation companies around.

How long does it take to install a furnace? How much does furnace installation cost? We answer your questions and give you our pick of the best furnace brands.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Furnace And Having It Installed?

A Thermostat You Can Program

This is super convenient and will save you money. Technicians at good furnace installation companies like ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing will be happy to show you how it works if you’re not sure.

A Blower You Can Adjust

When you get a variable speed blower it’s the best for getting your home the temperature you want with a pleasant airflow.

Zoning Capabilities

What’s zoning? It just means when you can heat separate parts of your home independently. Zoning saves money and protects the environment, and it’s perfect if you have a large home and you don’t use all of it every day.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Furnace?

It takes an experienced team like ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing team around half a day to a full day which isn’t too long. We’re generally out in 4-8 hours depending on the complexity of the job.

Installing a furnace and ductwork can take longer if we need to modify the ductwork.

Furnace Installation Cost

The first thing to say is that installation is an unavoidable cost, even if you’re pretty good at DIY. Why?

Furnace installation has to be done by licensed professionals and not homeowners for two main reasons.

#1. So That Your Furnace’s Warranty Stays Valid.

Even if you’re good at technical work, most furnace warranties will be invalidated if the work isn’t carried out by a licensed HVAC technician.

#2. So That Everything Is Safe.

Incorrectly installed furnaces can easily lead to carbon monoxide leaks. And many a fire starts from a faulty furnace. Don’t take the risk with your home and your family.

Furnace installation cost varies a lot according to several factors, like the size of your home and the model. Get a free estimate on furnace installation cost for your home by calling ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing on (702) 820-2184.

Best Furnace Brands To Install

Heil, ICP Payne and Trane all won awards recently for best furnace brands.

Ultimately, there are a lot of good furnace brands to choose from. So our furnace installation team can give you their advice based on what you need for your home.

Contact ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing For Quality Furnace Installation Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson and Spring Valley

Our technicians are licensed, highly experienced in furnace installation and totally professional. Browse our website to read more about the heating installation services that we offer our customers.

Call us today at (702) 820-2184 or email us to get a free quote.

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