Are you looking for the best Heating System Installations & Services in Las Vegas?

If you’re looking to install a heating system, replace your old one, or simply repair it, ICE has got you covered.

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It’s vital to get it right with a new system so ICE trained professionals measure and analyze your home precisely.

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Our friendly team does a thorough check to see if your system can be improved and to fix any potential problems.

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ICE has decades of experience making systems live longer so you can rely on us to save you money with lasting repairs.

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It's 100% Legit!

All our work meets state and legal codes, plus we install according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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ICE Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

We all know how cold the desert can get during those long winter nights. If your system just isn’t getting the job done, our team of expert technicians can help find the ideal solution for you.

The ICE team will perform a heat load calculation to determine what size furnace will provide the desired temperature for your space. We will then review your options with you to determine which is the best for your home and budget.

That all depends on the size of your home and the extent of the installation. ICE offers free, no obligation estimates and we can help you review your potential options. We also offer financing options to our customers as well as a series of guarantees.

If your system is not heating your home to the desired temperature, continues to turn off or is emitting a foul smell, contact us so we can give it a full assessment. Once we have done an on-site inspection, we can give you answers as to what is malfunctioning and provide you with possible solutions.

New Installations & Replacements

Whether your home needs a heating system or your old one needs to be upgraded, we can help you find the perfect option for you.


Regular maintenance is crucial to making sure your heating system stays functioning at capacity and energy efficient throughout the winter months.


We are available any time, day or night, to respond to emergency situations and make sure your heating system is functioning properly.