November 1, 2021

Ultimate Guide To Save Heating Costs This Winter

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Shelling out on winter heating is no fun. ICE Heating & Cooling is the leading heating service provider and we know how you can keep warm while saving money on bills.

Tips To Save Money On Heating This Winter

Winter is here, and with it comes the increased use of heating systems to keep our homes warm and cozy. However, the cost of heating can quickly add up, leading to higher energy bills and financial strain. Fortunately, there are several simple tips you can follow to save money on heating this winter, So here’s your plan for winter cost saving, from those in the know.

Central Heating

You know what we’re going to say first, don’t you? Turn your furnace down a couple of degrees. Just doing that could save you about 5% on your next bill.

Let that sun do its thing, too. Leave the curtains or blinds open and the winter sun will warm your home for free. Be sure to leave the doors to the sunny rooms open so that nice warm air can spread out.

central heating system

Heater Maintenance

Get your furnace maintained out regularly, too.

Heater maintenance is what we’ve been doing for almost thirty years. And we often see dirty filters that make the furnace work harder than it needs to. That makes your energy bills higher for nothing.

Depending on your heater you can have a new filter installed or just get an old one cleaned up.  Then the filter will keep your furnace working efficiently all through winter and save you money.

Schedule Your Thermostat

Is your house nice and warm even when you’re not in it?

Think about when everyone is at home. You could make a significant saving by programming the central heating to turn off when you’re not there. It’s icy outside, you should have it on very low to prevent frozen pipes.


winter electric appliances

Washing Machines

Winter weather means that the sweaty season is over, my friend. So do your clothes really get that dirty now? Reducing the temperature on washing machines and using a short wash cycle is great for your pocket.

It also makes your clothes last longer. Those in the know about caring for clothes recommend that you shouldn’t wash jeans after every wear anyway.

Electric Blankets

Getting an electric blanket is one of the coziest things you can do for winter. Right up there with hot chocolate and open fires.

Because you don’t really need the whole house warm all night, right? Get an energy efficient electric blanket and you won’t need to heat the rest of the house so much.


Brisk winter nights mean we can end up enjoying more TV than usual. Could you turn the furnace down a little and snuggle up under a blanket? Electric or otherwise.

While we’re on the subject, it’s too easy to just walk away from computers and TVs and leave them on standby. But turning them off fully will save power.


Oh, the desert winter. It’s possible that your home is insulated adequately, and the heating systems are maintained well, but you just can’t warm up. Why? Well, it could be because your home is too dry.

Dry air doesn’t hold heat too well. So running an energy efficient humidifier for a short time can make the heating work much better. Then you can reduce your usage of central heating with it.

If you can maintain a humidity level of around 30-40% in your home in winter, your body will thank you. You’ll be less susceptible to colds and seasonal flu, which means no costly time off work.

Hot Water

winter season hot water

Reduce The Temperature On Your Water Heater

What temperature is your thermostat set at? 140°F? A lot of people set their thermostat to this temperature without thinking.

But let’s face it, 140°F would make for one eye-wateringly hot shower. If you set it to 120°F you can save money on heating water and you won’t even notice. And you could save more than 10% on your current bills.

Make Sure Those Hot Water Pipes Are Well Insulated

Pipe insulation is cheap and pays for itself in no time in lower bills. Your newly insulated pipes won’t cool down as easily so you’re just paying for the heat you’re actually using.


Is there a vent in a room that you don’t use much? If so, seal it off and keep the heat from escaping.

Likewise, keep the doors to those rooms closed. Doing this lets you use much less central heating, now you’re dealing with a smaller area.


Check your windows and doors. On a windy day, can you feel the draft? Low cost draft excluders let you get more bang for your heating buck.

And how about the attic? You don’t want all that warm air you paid for seeping out the roof. It’ll be more cost effective to get any cracks repaired now so you can enjoy your well-insulated home.


Chimney you don’t use? Then have it sealed off completely and stop the heat from your home escaping.

Or do you often use the fireplace in winter? Tempered glass doors are attractive and stop drafts. And always remember to close the damper when you’re not using the fireplace.

Avoid Unexpected Breakdown Bills

Holiday season can be really expensive anyway. So it’s a really bad time for a bill for a replacement water heater or furnace. With ICE Comfort Club you get a heating and AC service twice a year. And this means we can prevent pricey problems before they happen.

Getting a proper service will save you money. After all, leaky hot water pipes and hot faucets mean your hard-earned money down the drain. And we’re happy to give you advice on keeping your heating system in top shape.

ICE Has Your Back For All Your Heating Needs

ICE Heating & Cooling can help you stay warm all winter at a reasonable cost. In fact, over the years we’ve helped save our customers up to 65% on energy bills.

We’re the leaders in heating service, as well as heating repairs and new installations.

Give us a call at 702-820-2184 or write us a line or two about what you need. Get a free professional estimate with 24/7  heating service.

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