February 28, 2023

Top Questions Regarding Heating System Answered

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Homeowners ask us a lot of questions about the heating systems in their homes. That’s why we’ve put together these heating system FAQs to help you whether you need heating installation, repairs, or maintenance.

Heating System FAQs: Installation

How Long Will A New Heating System Last?

That all depends on two main factors. How well you get your heating system maintained, and what it runs on because electric systems tend to outlive gas. An electric heating system that’s treated right could last 30 years, whereas a gas heating system can last for around 20 years.

Which Heating System Brands Are The Best?

There are plenty of great contenders for the best heating system. Trane, American Standard, Rheem, and York all perform very well for years.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Furnace?

It depends on how large it is, and whether we need to remove an existing furnace. It’s normally a good day’s work, taking our specialists between 4 and 10 hours.

Can You Recommend Energy Efficient Heating Systems?

We certainly can, because the best heating system for you will save you money on bills while caring for the planet. Geothermal heating systems are a substantial upfront investment but are incredibly cost-effective to run.

As a compromise, mini-split heating systems are also a good choice. Our heating technicians can go over your options with you.

Heating System FAQs: Repair

The Burner Flame Looks Different. What’s Happening?

OK, this is very important.

The burner flame should be blue. If it’s not, it’s malfunctioning. A yellow burner flame points to the presence of toxic carbon monoxide.

There’s A New Smell. What’s Up?

Hmm. New smells can come from a couple of things. Have you had your heating system maintained? If not, it could be a dirty grease filter.

A burning smell could be dust burning up inside, or it could mean there’s an electrical issue. Either way, don’t risk a fire. Just call ICE Heating & Cooling and we’ll be right over and do the very heating repair needed.

The Heating Cycle Is Much Shorter Than It Used To Be. What’s Happening?

This is called short cycling.

Your heating system is actually doing you a favor, but crying for help at the same time. How so?

Furnaces have an inbuilt safety mechanism that shuts them off if they are about to cause a fire or leak carbon monoxide. So, if your heating system is short cycling, call us to check out what’s wrong. When we put it right, your system will start to do what you tell it again.

Why Doesn’t My Home Heat Evenly?

You may be looking at a blockage inside, which means that hot air can’t get through but your system’s working like it can.

Heating System FAQs: Maintenance

How Often Should I Get My Heating System Maintained?

We recommend calling us in to carry out routine maintenance on your HVAC twice a year. That way, you’ll be confident going into winter with a heating system that you can rely on.

Likewise, when we get your A/C running perfectly before summer, you can look forward to escaping the heat in a home that’s always as cool as you want it.

Why Are My Heating Bills High Now?

Bills shouldn’t just skyrocket.

Have you had to use your heating system at a more powerful level for the same result you used to get at a lower level? If filters get blocked, they have to work harder to do the same job as before.

Your system would benefit from a professional eye and it may just be a question of routine maintenance work rather than a major repair.

My Heating Is Louder Than Usual. What’s The Matter?

A loud noise indicates an unhappy heating system. Call us in to check it out because there could be something loose inside where it’s causing a problem. Strange clicking noises can also mean clogs inside or worn-out bearings.

What Happens During Heating Maintenance?

First, we clean everything so that there are no allergens damaging your indoor air quality. A good professional cleaning also means your heating system can do its job efficiently with no obstructions.

Our licensed pros make sure it’s all working to optimum airflow and pressure, and that the thermostat is functioning correctly. We’ll check that nothing is about to wear out, and we lubricate the moving parts.

Were These Heating System FAQs Useful? ICE Heating & Cooling Is Here For You

Our main priority is that your heating system is running perfectly so your home remains warm and comfortable when you need it most. Just call our friendly, qualified team for heating maintenance, repairs, or installation at (702) 820-2184 or send us an email.

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