December 9, 2021

Reasons Why It Is Important To Get Your Heater’s Safety Checked

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Do you really need a heater safety check? ICE is the leading provider of heater maintenance. So we know a thing or two about keeping you and your family safe.

Consider this. The National Fire Protection Association reports that half of all fires in the USA are caused by poorly maintained and unclean heating equipment. That’s an alarming proportion.

Potential Hazards That Can Be Reduced With Safety Inspection

A heater is an essential appliance that keeps us warm and comfortable during the cold months of the year. However, let’s consider what can happen to make your heating system a potential health hazard.

Frost Damage

OK so if your area does freeze during winter nights which means pipes are at risk of bursting.

And don’t think that just applies to water pipes freezing and expanding too much. Gas heating pipes are at risk too. How so?

When water freezes underground it expands by around 9%. And this means it impacts against anything in its way. If that’s your gas pipes, they can crack and start to leak. So leak inspection is a vital part of your heater safety check.

frost damage risk of bursting

Carbon Monoxide

Everyone’s absolute nightmare. Leaks from gas heating can mean deadly carbon monoxide circulating in your home. And as it’s odorless, it’s a silent nighttime killer.

In fact, around 430 people nationwide die every year as a result of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Regular leak inspection as part of your heater maintenance will prevent this awful scenario from happening to you.

carbon monoxide leakage

Mold Inside Heaters

Ever smelled mold when you turn on your HVAC system? Well, mold loves it inside warm pipes. So if you don’t get a regular safety check on your heater you might be making mold airborne every time you use your HVAC system. Gross.

It’s a lot for your body to deal with, and existing allergies are likely to get even worse.

At this time of year, you may think you have a typical winter cold if you find yourself coughing or with itchy eyes. But it could be your heater.  And not just that, mold can cause serious respiratory problems and even death.

Electrical Heater Safety Checks

Even if your home runs on electricity rather than gas, you still need a safety check.

When electrical wiring gets frayed or corroded it’s a big fire risk. And a fire risk that’s probably hidden out of sight. Similarly, old thermostats can pose a safety risk too.

Have pets? Their fur can accumulate inside electrical heaters where you can’t see it. This is actually very dangerous because it could cause a fire.

If you don’t have pets, dust still accumulates inside electrical heaters, and should be removed by a professional every six months.

Need A Heater Service? ICE Is Here For The Rescue

Keep you and your family safe with ICE heater service checks. Remember, we’re available 24/7.

Give us a call at 702-820-2184 for heating maintenance. Alternatively, simply write us a line or two about what you need.

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