December 29, 2022

The Best Types Of Heating Systems For Your Home

installing different types of home heating systems

There are more types of home heating systems on the market these days than ever before. Are you confused by the array of options out there? Don’t be. At ICE Heating & Cooling, our technicians know the industry inside and out, so we can help you find the ideal heating system for your home.

We’ve been installing HVAC systems across the country for almost 30 years and can help you figure out what’s best according to the needs of your household.

How Are Houses Heated

The most common way to heat homes here is by using a gas or electric furnace.

Electric furnaces are the most common of all types of home heating systems installed in more modern homes. There’s no risk of gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning, and it’s cleaner energy. Homes get even cozier in winter with fireplaces, too. However, though they are great to warm your toes in a common area, a fireplace won’t heat your whole home during very cold weather.

What Are The Main Types Of Home Heating Systems?

These are the four most common and popular varieties of home heating systems.


Gas is the most common type of heating system because it’s cost-effective and efficient in even the coldest weather.


If you care about the environment but you’re on a budget, an electric heating system could be the best option for your home.


Modern and extraordinary in its low running costs, geothermal is the choice of the environmentally-minded who are OK with a substantial financial investment. Never heard of it? As its name suggests, geothermal systems work by drawing natural heat from the ground into your home.


Hybrid is a good compromise if you want the green credentials of geothermal energy and the low installation and running costs of electrical types of home heating systems. How does it work? Hybrid refers to the fact that this type of system alternates between gas and electricity depending on what’s more efficient at the moment. Talk about smart technology!

What Type Of Heating System Is Best?

Best For Performance

Gas, even though it is more old fashioned, is actually really efficient. Gas can heat your home faster than an electric heating system because it doesn’t take as long to warm back up after it has been dormant for some time.

Best For The Planet

Without considering your budget, modern geothermal heating is best. Why? It’s wonderful for the planet while being super cheap to run long-term.

However, geothermal is more expensive heating system to install because it runs underneath your home, so that is certainly a consideration when selecting a new home heating system.

What Is The Most Affordable Way To Heat A Home?

When thinking about price, you should consider two factors. There’s the upfront system cost plus the long-term energy cost that it takes to power it.

Low Upfront Costs

Gas is best in terms of being easy and cheaper to install than other heating system types. However, electric heating is also relatively low-cost to install.

Low Running Costs

Geothermal heating systems are impressive in how much they can save you on your monthly bills. For a compromise on cost versus efficiency, ask us about hybrid too.

Is It Cheaper To Heat With Gas Or Electric?

As we mentioned above, a gas system will generally have a lower price point when it comes to installation than an electric heating system for the house.

However, as long as the winter isn’t too harsh, electric comes out on top. Electric is best for when it’s milder and you just need a reasonable heat boost. Also, electric systems tend to live longer. However, gas is cheaper to run when the winter is particularly harsh and your system needs to work hard.

Should I Change From Gas To Electric Heating?

If you’re concerned about gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning, which are impossible with electrical heating system types, you may want to consider the switch. Also, electric is better if you want to protect the environment.

Maintenance costs with electric systems tend to be lower and they even last longer with good maintenance too.

ICE Installs All Major Types Of Home Heating Systems Seamlessly

There’s no need to shiver! ICE Heating & Cooling will get your home cozy again fast with quality heating installation. We can also advise you on how you can save big on energy bills when you choose from a range of new home heating systems. Make a great choice today and call our friendly team at (702) 820-2184 or write us an email.

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