January 13, 2022

Is There A Problem With Your Heating System? Here’s What To Look For

Heating system problem

If you’re not a heating technician, it’s hard to know what to do when you have a heating system problem. Your furnace, heater or water heater may have totally stopped working, or started doing something strange.

ICE Heating & Cooling knows all about the different issues facing our customers in Henderson, Paradise and Spring Valley.

So what’s happening in your home?

My Heating System Won’t Switch On

And you’ve tried switching it on and off again, right? If that didn’t help, you may have a problem with the thermostat or the power supply.

When heating systems detect serious issues, they can cut out for safety reasons. At this stage, you need to get a technician in rather than do it yourself. It may be evaporator coils or a wiring issue, which requires a specialist.

But don’t worry. Heating repair, and even heating replacement in Las Vegas with ICE Heating & Cooling is cheaper than you might think.

If your system is gas, is the pilot light on OK? If not, read on.

The Pilot Light Looks Different

Pilot lights should be on, and blue. And if it isn’t, it means it’s burning something it shouldn’t, that’s entered its space.

What could that be? A dirty system, rust, or too much air leaking in to where the pilot light is.

It Just Doesn’t Heat As Well As It Used To

This heating system problem is usually easy for a technician to fix. How long’s it been since you had heater maintenance? If it’s more than 6 months or so the heater may have dirty, clogged filters inside.

Some Rooms Are Cold Now

OK so you’ve checked for drafts. How’s your insulation?

Again, heating vents could be dirty, and this is a quick job for one of our specialists. Alternatively, it could be a thermostat issue. Regular heater maintenance in your Las Vegas home will make sure you don’t have this problem next winter.

My Heating System Has Started To Make A Noise

Weird noises are another typical heating system problem. They usually mean mechanical faults, and you should get them seen to straight away.

Maybe your furnace finishes its program but continues to rumble. This means it may be burning fuel when it shouldn’t.

The Heating System Doesn’t Stay On For Long Enough

Then your system’s trying to tell you about a heating system problem. Maybe it’s clogged inside, or can’t get enough air. Then again, it could be a thermostat problem.

24/7 Help For Your Heating System Problem In Paradise, Henderson or Spring Valley

It’s best to get heater, water heater and furnace issues sorted out sooner rather than later. Getting your system seen to quickly means repairs are more likely to be minor ones.

We offer regular maintenance work to stop your heating system breaking down in the future, too. ICE Heating & Cooling have the specialist knowhow to get your home warm again in no time.

Call us at 702-820-2184 or email us here for a no obligation estimate.

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