December 23, 2021

Tips For An Energy Efficient Home in Las Vegas

Energy Efficient Home in Las Vegas

We all want to do our best to protect the environment. Because let’s face it, energy bills are probably the most boring way you can spend your money. So check out the following tips for a more energy efficient home in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise or Spring Valley. And the best thing is you can do a lot of these instantly and cheaply.

Let The Sun In

Beautiful outside, even when it’s cold? Let that big star do its work and leave your curtains open to heat your home naturally. You won’t need heating repair or replacement as often because you just take advantage of Mother Nature.

Check Your Doors And Windows Are Sealed

How does that caulk look around your windows? Getting old now? Or cracking? Because gaps in the seal will let the cold air in. Sealing windows properly is a quick job, and it will keep the heat in your home.

Draft stoppers in front of the doors are a great help to keep the cold wind out. And they make your home look cozy in winter too.

Have Your Furnace and AC Filters Changed

Dirty filters are inefficient filters. Why? Because the system has to work harder and can’t work as well. And you’ll notice your home just takes longer to heat and cool.

So let us take care of your AC and furnace filters. Are you a member of ICE’s Comfort Club yet? Get regular HVAC and furnace filter maintenance in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Keep Guest Room Vents Closed

And the vents to any other rooms you don’t use much. It’s a simple way to cut your need for AC in summer and heating in winter.

Is Your Roof Energy Efficient?

Something really important is making sure your roof is in good shape. Because cracked or missing shingles let your heat straight out in winter. And come summer they let the heat in too, of course.

How about roof insulation? A well insulated roof means your HVAC equipment doesn’t have to work as hard in the first place. Which means your system lasts longer with no need for heating or AC repairs.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

As heaters, water heaters and furnaces get older they get less efficient. Why? They accumulate debris inside, and it’s where you can’t see it. Alternatively, the valves or pipes can just wear out.

When you get an annual heating service for your Las Vegas home you’ll keep everything running efficiently.

Those are our best tips for an energy efficient home in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise or Spring Valley.

Done All Of That?

Still feeling the chill? If your heating system just isn’t performing then let us take a look. It’s often a simple repair job. ICE Heating & Cooling specialize in repairing and maintaining heaters, water heaters and furnaces.

Call us today at 702-820-2184 or write to us here. Get a free professional estimate with 24/7 service.

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