October 4, 2018

Does Your Thermostat Talk to You?

AC Heating Wifi Thermostat

We live in a world where smart gadgets have rapidly taken over the conventional gadgets. Now we use smart phones with touch screens and internet that does not require a cable to be connected (Wi-Fi).  As most devices are experiencing a technology revolution so have the thermostats.  Now you can use Wi-Fi thermostats.

What is a Wi-Fi thermostat?
It is technology that enables you to control the temperature of your home or business from any location with your IOS, Android or Window devices.  It will require spending some extra money in the short-run, however, over the long-run it will provide a savings in your air conditioning bill.  Plus, it is convenient and will add a contemporary style to your home.

Reasons which make the Wi-Fi thermostat special

  1. Easy access: You can control the Wi-Fi thermostats from anywhere.  It allows you to make your home warm or cool before you enter.
  2. Compatibility: The Wi-Fi thermostat is compatible with your laptop, smart phone and tablet.
  3. Level of Convenience: You can easily access the application from your IOS, Android or Window devices as they are user-friendly.
  4. Easy to manage: It does not restrict you to manage only one thermostat but you can control numerous thermostats located in different places.
  5. Precision: Accuracy is definitely a plus point of Wi-Fi thermostat. The variations in temperature are greatly less in comparison to the conventional thermostats.
  6. Saves money: Wi-Fi thermostats are the way forward for saving energy.  They could allow you to save up-to 10% on your energy bill.
  7. Stylish: These Wi-Fi thermostats look stylish.  In terms of looks, the digital blue-tooth thermostats are one of the best due to their unique and sleek design.  It is definitely a plus point in the interior of your home or business.  The displays are usually changeable, can be adjusted according to your design needs and operated by a single touch.
  8. Alerts: The Wi-Fi thermostat talks to you in the sense that it provides you with vast information.  For example, it might tell you that you have to change the air filter or there is a temperature disparity.   It also tells you if the system is malfunctioning so that you can call ICE Air Conditioning Repair in Las Vegas to have it repaired.  The best part is that you can get alerts via phone or email.
  9. Remote control: With the Wi-Fi thermostat you can also control your fans according to your needs. You can provide comfort to your guests even if you are not home.
  10. Intelligent system: One of the perks is that the system is intelligent and you do not have to do the programming. It performs everything automatically.

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