March 24, 2022

What To Look For When You Buy An Air Conditioning System

Buy an air conditioner

What should you look for when you buy an air conditioner? And when should you buy air conditioners? AC installation in Las Vegas is a technical business and it’s important to get help from the pros in choosing the right system.

ICE helps customers from Henderson to Spring Valley buy and install air conditioning so we know what to look for in terms of what you’re going to need. We’re always happy to give you a free quote based on what you need for your home.

You should research the following points before you buy a new air conditioning unit.

How Efficient The Units Are

When you buy an air conditioner you’re likely to be interested in return on investment with lower bills. These days, air conditioners are only getting more and more efficient which is great news for consumers.

So make sure you check the performance of any unit you’re considering. AC units are rated according to the standardized efficiency rating from the U.S. Department of Energy. This is called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER rating.

And it’s simple. The higher the number, the more efficient the air conditioner. And the more comfortable you’ll be inside when it’s hot outside.

How Powerful The System Is

Before you buy an air conditioner we always measure your home first. Why? The AC system needs to be powerful enough to cool your home, but not waste power and therefore waste your money.

The cooling load also needs to be just right. A system that was too large would make your home humid, whereas a too-small AC system wouldn’t keep you cool in the scorching Las Vegas summer.

Where To Buy Air Conditioning Units

While you can buy AC units online or at discount stores we don’t recommend doing so. Why? Because unless you go through the proper channels, your new AC installation won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

When ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing install air conditioning in Las Vegas, we organize everything. We can recommend which brands to buy, and order them for you. Because we only work with trusted brands and we are licensed, everything is totally legitimate and guaranteed.

When To Buy Air Conditioners

Really, you can buy air conditioners any time you want.

But before the weather warms up you might be able to find a good deal on an air conditioning system.

If you’re bargain hunting, bear in mind that last year’s model will still be good quality, and won’t have the higher price tag of this year’s latest version.

Call ICE For Professional Air Conditioner Installation In Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson and Spring Valley

Don’t buy an air conditioner without taking advice from ICE. We’ll set you up with the best AC system for your home and budget.

You can rely on ICE Air Conditioning & Plumbing for top quality advice on AC models plus fast installation.

Just call our friendly team at 702-820-2184 or email us for a no obligation quote.

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